I successfully passed my FedEx interview, could not have done it without your awesome help. You have a great company and class act instructors. It was a privilege to work with you!


I knew it was going to be good, based on the reviews I read, but I didn’t fully realize just how well-prepared I would turn out to be on interview day. Fantastic service. Thank you!

Schuyler Boone

I interviewed with both United and FedEx. Got offers at both and chose FedEx. I start BI with them in about a month. I’m really thankful for the excellent service you all provided and thrilled to make this job move!

Sara Westfall

Thanks Tron, Bill, and the entire Spitfire team. Super relaxed during SBI and crushed it! Keep up the great work getting your clients tickets to the Dance!

Richard Sithibandith

Fantastic. I wouldn’t have the CJOs I have without the help of Spitifire!

Mark Heard

Outstanding support! They know what they’re doing and I watched them work very well with candidates of all backgrounds. They really care and go the extra mile!

Mark Bloomer

Spitfire does an outstanding, thorough, and professional job preparing you for the interview and for the SBI for SWA and FedEx. Due largely to their prep, I went 5 for 5 in the interview process, including landing a CJO at my dream job with FedEx. Cannot thank you enough!

Jason Wells

Really appreciate all the prep Spitfire provided during this interview process. I ended up having five interviews with SWA, United, AA, UPS, and FedEx. In large part to the insight and preparation Spitfire provided I received CJOs from all five.

Jason Wells

OUTSTANDING company and experience! Can not recommend Spitfire Elite more highly!

Chris Spinelli

You folks are very genuine and very interested in actually helping people out. I talked with Dan for a long time at TPNx and also met Tron. Super nice people and I really think you are on to something with your approach. I honestly feel like I learned some significant life skills in the PIC and FDLE academics that I then got to practice with the Reps Sessions. You folks have made me a better human and helped me get 2xCJOs. Can’t say enough.

Former Client

I landed my dream job at United Airlines! Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have done it without the help of the Spitfire team!

David Heeren

With the help of Spitfire Elite I was able to land my dream job at United Airlines. I have made many recommendations resulting in friends and colleagues using Spitfire Elite. Thank you Tron, Nick, Casey and the rest of the crew at Spitfire who ensured I was prepared for my interview and helped me land the job.

Corey Middleton

Spitfire Elite is the reason I got my dream job. As a retiring military pilot, I hadn’t interviewed for anything since securing a highly competitive position as an ice cream scooper while in high school. I needed laser focused coaching and preparation for my interview opportunities, and Spitfire provided an invaluable service that went above and beyond. It was because of their meticulous training that I earned a first officer position at my airline of choice, as well as back up offers at other airlines. They teach a system that just works. During a time of high uncertainty and tight hiring, I feel extremely blessed to have had the chance to work with this exceptional group of coaches to build the confidence and skills I needed to ace my interviews. Get off the fence and hire this team to take you across the goal line to your next, and hopefully last, job.

Stacia Parrott

From start to finish, Spitfire is hands down THE company to go to for résumé / app review and interview prep. Their crawl, walk, run phases of teaching and learning was exactly what I needed to prep for my interviews. I interviewed with both Delta and UPS, received CJOs from both companies, and ultimately chose UPS. Spitfire is the reason I am where I am today. An indispensable asset and a bargain for the work that my instructors (Jaron, Nik, and Bill) put into me. Thank you Spitfire, for everything!


Thanks for the amazing prep, I was well prepared and encountered several of the questions we reviewed. I received a Delta CJO and can see the light at the end of the retirement tunnel, and I have an American Interview next week. Thanks again!

Nathan Higgins

I got hired by Delta Air Lines in October. Thank you again for the great interview prep. It’s been an easy transition and I am now flying the 717 out of Atlanta. Thank you again.

Matthew Zak

Excellent preparation for my interview with Delta. The hot seat interaction with the coaches and final mock interview gave me the confidence to tackle any question they threw my way. When the dust settled I had a CJO in hand. Thank you Spitfire Elite Team for the stellar interview prep; 10/10 would recommend!

Jeffrey Lewis

I am starting with American Airlines on Wednesday, June 15, 2022! This is the job I have been waiting for. Thank you for assisting me with achieving my goal! It is greatly appreciated!

Theodore Miller

I landed my dream job at American Airlines on December 14, 2022, and started indoc on January 19, 2022. Life is fantastic! Thank you for all your help.

Olga Gause

The PIC sessions were great. You don’t expect to feel the pressure in a zoom chat full of strangers, but then all of a sudden it’s there. And it’s a great simulation of the pressure you feel in the interview room. I was surprised to hear a friend of mine who used a competing prep service didn’t get anything like that….I will highly recommend Spitfire Elite to anyone looking for interview prep.

Will Taley

I’m so thankful that I found this program prior to my interview. I found the FDLE program to be most helpful since I had little prep for the SBI prior to Spitfire. The organization of the program gave me a very clear path to being completely prepared for my interview.

Victoria Heatwole

I attribute my success in a large part to Spitfire. This product is fantastic and really built my confidence. Shout out to Nikolai for help with the PIC’s and Travis/John/Dan with the FDLE help. I walked into HR virtual and LOI cool/calm/confident from the training I got! Thanks again.


The quality of the instructors is unparalleled. I’ve been around flight instruction for my entire military career. The approachability and feedback from the Spitfire team was consistently great. I learned a great deal on all of the sessions I either observed or directly participated in, particularly the ones where only 4-5 of us were getting reps.

Patrick McGarry

Academics were great but your instructors are what makes this program the best out there. Great feedback and I really felt like they personally wanted to help you get the job. Was able to reach out to instructors outside of the PIC sessions for some personal questions and always received a quick response.

Matt Pittman

No fluff. You are taught what you need to know. The bar is set at the beginning and the final panel and SBI is the cherry on top that gave me the confidence going into the interview. I met a few ECC folks in Memphis and they were sweating but no one that had completed Spitfire was stressing and we all got the job.

Kevin Cordell

Personalized, specialized training for your situation and your interview. Sometimes you would only get 2 reps a session, but the analysis was deep and everyone is getting a lot from listening to others’ critiques. I felt I got much more out of your sessions than ECIC and they weren’t 5 hours long from 1800-2300.

Jesse Salmon

The most valuable thing I saw at Spitfire as opposed to ECIC (I did both) was the fact that we were talking to pilots and they took the time to provide extensive critical feedback/help you find stories that are trapped in your brain from ages ago.

Eric Aragone

I loved Spitefire Elite there is absolutely no way I would have had the outcome I did with this process. The practice reps you get from the unlimited amount of PIC webinars you can participate in are invaluable

Brian Dunleavy